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とうほく復興カレンダー 0 東北桜紀行 大河原町「一目千本桜」

とうほく復興カレンダー 0 国連防災世界会議、あなたはどう参加する?

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  • Hotel Metropolitan Sendai “HALAL Sukiyaki”
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Hotel Metropolitan Sendai “HALAL Sukiyaki”

At Japanese restaurant Hayase, you can enjoy artistic presentation of Japanese dishes that could almost satisfy your appetite just by looking at them. It offers three courses: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Japanese chefs arrange vegetable and fishes with perfect balance and create outstanding dishes. Among them, sukiyaki is very popular with Muslims. Even though ingredients and seasonings are all halal, this sukiyaki tastes exactly the same as the one Japanese usually eat. In fact, it is much better than conventional sukiyaki in Japan. “Serving authentic Japanese cuisine to Muslim customers”¬– under this motto, every dish they make will bring happiness into your mouth

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